PRO DIGI CONTEST (PDC)  2025                                              
                                                           6nd edition                                  
                                             RULES SUMMARY

start : Saturday, January 18, at 12:00 UTC
                    end: Sunday, January 19, at 11:59 UTC (24 hours)
                bands: 80/40/20/15/10m (
Band segments allocated for the working modes used in the contest will be used).              
                 mode: FT, RTTY & BPSK63  
                            (competitors can make qso's in all 3 modes, but in this case they will send 2 contest logs
                             a log for qso's in FT4 and another one for qso's in RTTY and BPSK63.
                             In the log with qsoes in RTTY and BPSL63 on one band, a single qso with the same station is scored regardless
                             of the working mode. If two contest logs are sent, the final score will be the one obtained by summing up the two logs).  
                         categories: M,
                                             MO, (All club stations and teams)

                                             SOSB, (SO10, SO15, SO20, SO40, SO80)
                                             In the case of this contest, a competitor can participate in only one category
reports nonmembers: RST + serial number starting with 001 (E.g. 599 001)
       report members(M) :
RST  + abbreviation"M"  (members of any DIGI-club) (E.g. 599 M for RTTY si BPSK63  or 599  ME for FT4 )
                              scoring: 1p for QSO with own DXCC
                                             2p for QSO with another DXCC                                            
                                             2p bonus for a non-member in the case of a QSO with a member Digi club
                                             6p bonus for QSO between two members of any Digi clubs
multipliers: different prefix on each band, except all prefix from own DXCC
                   Logs deadline: Sunday, Jan. 26 at 23:59 UTC at

  preliminary scores: Monday, Jan.27 until 10:00 UTC
                      Contestations are accepted only on Jan.27 until 23:59 UTC
                  official results: Tuesday, January 28, until 10:00 UTC.(or after resolving the appeals if they exist)
                                           -------- ******* ---------                                 
                 Organized by PRO-DIGI-CONTEST-CLUB, Romania
  1. Object
      Making radio QSOs with as many stations as possible in digi-mode.
      With the same station, only one valid QSO can be made on each band.

  2. Contest Period
      Every year, the third full weekend of January,
      start Saturday at 12:00 UTC until Sunday at 11:59:59 UTC. (24 hours)

3. Mode

FT4, RTTY &BPSK63.           

  4. Bands
     80, 40, 20, 15 and 10meter,
( Band segments allocated for the working modes used in the contest will be used).  

 5. Contest call
      "TEST PDC" or  "CQ PDC"
  6. Entry Categories

      M     = members of any digital mode club, multiband, a single TX, any autorized power for this mode
       Club stations or teams cannot participate even in category M. If they do so, they will be listed in the CheckLog (CL).
       Competitors from M category will transmit as follows:
      For the  RTTY and BPSK63 : 
RST + letter "M"  (E.g. RST  M ) and for FT4: RST + ME (E.g. 599  ME).
  If you submit the control in the form above must participate in category M (Members),
      and the
  log will specify the name of the digital mode Club
which also includes the membership number
      (not clubs of other mode of working)
and in the log will be entered e.g. CLUB: PDCC # 123.   
- If you send the control in the form of ex. 599 M
means that you have opted only for category M (Members) and you will receive more bonus
      points than competitors from other categories.
In the contest log, the control will be noted exactly as it is transmitted for example : 599  M or 599 ME
- The members of the digi mode club are not obliged to participate in the M category, but in this case they will no longer send the abbreviation "M"
       and will follow the rules imposed on the category they have chosen.
     - If you are not a member of a digital mode club but want to participate in category M, before the start of the contest you must
      to become a member of a club with specific digital modes. If you do not resolve, send me an email asking you to become a member of the
      PRO DIGI CONTEST CLUB (PDCC) was founded with one purpose, to facilitate your participation if you wish in the M category of the PDC.
      (See examples of special clubs for digital modes)


MO  = All club stations, regardless of the number of operators (even with a single operator) and well as the teams, operated from
       the same location by several operators and using a single call sign on all bands and the power is the one authorized for this mode.
       In all cases, a single TX will be used.
They can only participate in the MO category, otherwise they will be included in the Check Log(CL) list.    
       MO station transmit RST + serial number starting with 001 (E.g. 599 001).
       After making even a single QSO on one band, MO category stations can make another QSO on another band after at least 10 minutes.
       For each time this requirement of the rules is not respected, the respective station will be penalized with 5% of the total score,
       and the maximum penalty can be 95% of the total score obtained.
If a competitor loses all points by penalty, he will be included in the CheckLog category.

      SOHP Single Operator, All bands, Single TX, High Power, (with a power of up 100 watts out).
                      It is transmitted RST + serial number starting with 001 (E.g. 599 001)

Single Operator, All bands, Single TX, Low Power,
(with a power of up 50 watts out).             
                      It is transmitted RST + serial number starting with 001 (E.g. 599 001)

      SOSB  = Single Operator Single Band : SO10, SO15, SO20, SO40, SO80 .                 
                     It is transmitted RST + serial number starting with 001 (E.g. 599 001)

      SWL  = Short Wave Listeners, All bands      
      The same callsign may be logged once on each band.

       If the SWL log contains the same callsign on a band more than once, the SWL station will be disqualified.
  7. Contest Exchange:
      Non members should send RST report + serial number, starting with 001 for the first contact. E.g. 599 001
      Members of any digi-clubs, send RST +
M  (E.g 599 M for RTTY and BPSK63 and  599  ME for FT4.     
      Only in this format will the evaluation program grant the corresponding bonus.
      See the imaginary logs below.

   8. Scoring   
      QSO Points: 
      For QSO with own DXCC country: 1 point;
      For QSO with another DXCC country: 2 points;
      For QSO between DigiMode-Club members (M category) and non-members receive : 2 points extra-bonus;
      For QSO between two DigiMode-Club members (M category), they receive: 6 points extra-bonus.
SWL category is awarded 3 points for a valid full QSO and 1 point for a QSO incomplete.

     Each different prefix worked will count one (1) multiplier on each band,  except all prefixes from own DXCC
     country who do not count as a multiplier. 
     The score on each log is represented by the sum of the different validated prefixes,and the final score is obtained by
     summing the scores obtained in the two logs where applicable..
     There is no multiplier for the SWL category.

     It is not necessary to calculate the score.This will done by the referee software.   

Shortly after the publication of the results, the certificates in PDF format will be found on the website of the contest at the
for downloading and printing.
or prizes, CLAIM and UBN file, please indicate in the Cabrillo log your complete MAIL and EMAIL address.) 


      Click here for information about all PRO CONTEST CLUB awards for PRO-DIGI-Contest
 10. Logs Instructions:
    Only electronic logs are accepted, files in ASCII format, the Cabrillo format being preferred. Time is noted in UTC.
       Do not send the log as a .ZIP, ADI,or .JPG file. The CheckLog will also comply with the above requirements for cross-linking.
       Competitors' email will contain the attachment log.The Subject of the email with the contest log will contain the code and category
       . Ex. YO0WWW (SO-LP) .
See example  The file name of the attached log will only be in the form : YR0XXX.cbr or YO0YYY.log  
       The log must be sent only as an attachment, not as text or other content within the email message.
       In the header part of the electronic log submission you MUST specify a category of entrance and the EMAIL address and
       the full mail address in order to receive prizes.
       CheckLogs are very much  appreciated, they are used for cross checking of all entries.Remarks: Contact is valid,
       if a time difference in both logs does not exceed 3 minutes. Please don't forget to set your computer's clock before the Contest!
       If this is not mentioned, and the log contains QSOs in multiple bands, the competitor will be moved to the SOHP category.
       Logs sent after the deadline will be included in the NO LOG list and will not be verified.
      The PDC uses full computer control to verify each QSO. Prizes will be sent to the mailing address specified in the Cabrillo log.
      If the Cabrillo logo header does not contain the EMAIL address and full name, the competitor will not receive the CLAIM and UBN files,
      and if  the specified postal address is incomplete or does not exist, will not receive the prize obtained.
      In addition, M-category competitors must indicate at the top of the Cabrillo log , CLUB: (specific to the DIGI club) with  Member number
      without which it cannot be included in the ranking.
      Logs will be sent to: Please also follow the RECEIVED LOGS page.
If after 72 hours (but not sooner) you have not received the CLAIM file and you are not listed in the Received Logs list, please send the log again
      but this time to
       (If your code is in Received logs but you have not received your CLAIM file, it means that it has been returned to me and usually the same thing
      will happen with the UBN file). Only if you send a new corrected or completed log, the address for this is

     The last day when you can inform me that your call is not in the list of received logs or there have been errors regarding the category in which you
      were included is the Monday, the 8th day after the end of the competition when the Provisional Result is published.
      Once the final result is published, no further changes are made to the result unless there are refereeing mistakes or non-compliance with the rules.

     The deadline for sending logs is Sunday, 7 (seven) days after the end of the contest until 23:59 UTC
      After this date, please do not send the log because the activity of making the provisional ranking has started
      and pages for the net, and the introduction of a new log implies the resumption of this activity from the beginning.
      Logs sent after the deadline will be included in the NO LOG list and will not be verified.

       Dupes are contacts made with the same station on the same band. If the first contact between stations is valid, dupes
       have zero points value. If the first contact is not valid, second  (dupe) contact is accepted. Dupe contacts are not penalized,
       so DUPES should not be marked or deleted.
     Sample of Cabrillo imaginary log for PRO-DIGI-CONTEST 2024 Members category: M   RTTY and BPSK63    FT4   

      Sample of Cabrillo imaginary log for PRO-DIGI-CONTEST 2024 Non-Members category: SO,MO   RTTY and BPSK63    FT4        

     The recommended program for this contest is:
    - N1MM Logger + (PRO CW Contest in User Defined Contests and is used in both PCC and PDC for BPSK63 and RTTY )
    -  MSHV (PRO DIGI Contest)  for the FT4 contest with Exch seting: DX for  Non-members and ME for Members. MSHV
      or another program that can be set for this contest.
  12. Arbitration     
        If a competitor opts for a category to which the rules do not allow, the referee has the right to change the category according to the regulation.
        QSOs are not counted and excluded from the UBN report in case of:
      - if the log is missing from the correspondent the message is NoLog except for the indicatives that exist in at least 15 logs received from at least 5 different countries,
      - if QSO is not confirmed by the Log report of the correspondent or the difference between the times in the logs exceeds 3 minutes (NotInLog),
      - if there are miscounts in exchange numbers and callsigns, QSO is removed (Bad callsign, receive error),
      - if the Band or Mode in entrant's log and other station's log differ QSO is removed from both operators,
  - also competitors from any category get 0 (zero) points are included in the Check Log (CL) category.

   13. Disqualification

         For cheating, imaginary loging and clear repetitive and intentional violation of the contest rules.
         If the SWL log contains the same callsign in a band several times, the SWL station will be disqualified.
   14. Results
         The Provisional results appears at on the morning of Monday, the 8th day after the contest.
         The appeals regarding the provisional ranking are accepted only on Monday, on the day of its posting on the site until 23:59 UTC.
         Every participant who sends his electronic log will receive personal UBN-list, containing the mistakes of the competitors
         and the list of stations from which we have not received log.
         If your call is not in Priovisional results, please let me know on the day of its publication so that I can make the necessary correctios.
         The final results will be published on the site, Tuesday the 9th day after the contest.
(or after resolving the appeals if they exist)
Decisions of the referee are final.
        The prizes for the PDC edition, will be sent between February and April of each year.
The prizes intended for radio amateurs from RUSSIA or BELARUS will be sent only if the winning competitor communicates to me by
         February 15th the address of a friend who is domiciled in one of the countries of the European Community to whom the prize can be sent.

         In the past editions, some of these prizes were returned, and others were lost.

         15. Contest manager, referee and personal sponsor is YO2RR .     
-Feb-2024 at 10:15 UTC