PCC&PDC RESULTS

            For the PCC & PDC ranking of 2022, the score is calculated as follows:
The lower score obtained in one of the 2 competitions (PCC and PDC) is added to the score obtained in the competition with higher
    score divided by "C" (result with one decimal place). "C" represents the ratio between the number of competitors ranked in the contest
    with more participants and the number of competitors ranked in the contest with fewer participants.
    If "C" is equal to or less than 1, the scores obtained by the competitor at PCC and PDC will be added together and will represent the
    score with which the competitor enters the ranking.
   The category in which the competitor will be included is given by his category from the competition in which he obtained the lower
   score, before the application of the calculation formula  described above.
   We opted for this calculation mode to balance the share of the two CW and DIGI work modes in this mixed ranking.         
   The ranking of each edition appears after the PRO-CW-Contest in December.
Last update: 14-February-2022 at 05 :50 UTC YO2RR